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KuzMedia Web Hosting

Since 2001 KuzMedia Web Hosting has hosted web sites for businesses of all sizes. Nearly all our clients that started with us are still with us today. Over time we have spent little on advertising and marketing which keeps our focus on our clients needs and keeps our costs down to a minimal. This provides us with extra time to focus and dedicate to client satisfaction. If you were to host your web site with us you can depend on our service to keep your web site up and running to your satisfaction.

KuzMedia's hosting offers:
Easy contact customer service - call Dave - 224-656-3977 - if unavailable he WILL call you back
Email service with as many email addresses as you need
Webmail service for email
Easy to use control panel for those who wish to administrate there own site
Unlimited bandwidth available
Linux server security
Fast, reliable speed and server response
Pay quarterly or yearly
SSL available for encryption
Free domain name parking
AwStats visitor statistics

Hosting Plans: We keep it simple.
You can find it "cheaper" elsewhere, but you will "pay" more!
Quarterly, every 90 days.
Yearly, every 365 days, varies by your needs.
Call for pricing.

KuzMedia Web Development

KuzMedia Web Design has the expertise to develop a web presence that works for you, your budget, and your future.
Of course the first question most of you have is how much money will this cost. The fact is that a web site is not a manufactured product that you can easily attach a price. Well, KuzMedia's web sites are not. Every page is built for your wants and needs. Custom for every client we serve. Contact Dave and he will gather some general information on your needs and provide valuable feedback to help you get on your way to improve your presence on the internet.

This will be followed by a site plan layout for your review. After reviewed, and if needed, adjustments are made. The final plan will include all the costs of the project for your approval. If approved a 50% retainer fee is required to start the build. You can view the progress online at a hidden link that we provide.

To save time and money here are some points to consider.

How are photos supplied? KuzMedia does offer digital photography. We have the equipment needed to take quality photos of your product and more.
Supplying your own photos? The bigger the better. Enlarging small photos loses clarity.
Photos or images format should be jpg, pdf, tiff, psd, or png.
KuzMedia will size and crop photos if needed.
Do you need a technical writer or will you supply all verbiage electronically?
Do you have colors related to your brand?
Do you have a Logo? Would you need us or another to create a logo for you?
Logo format should be jpg, pdf, tiff, psd, or png.
KuzMedia can scan logo if provided hardcopy is of high enough quality.